~Sweet Simplicity Book Covers~



Are you in need of a simple book cover and are low on funds? Don’t worry, Sweet Simplicity can help you create a great cover for a very affordable price. All premade covers are only $25.00.

If you already have a cover in mind and have purchased your stock photo we can add your title and author information for only $20.00.

However, if you would like for us to provide a different image than the ones we have here we charge an extra $5.00. Which means if you need us to provide a different photo than we have already your cover will cost $25.00.

All of our photos are from http://www.canstockphoto.com and that is the site we will send you to in order to find a image for us to create. They have thousands of images to choose from and if you need help in making that perfect choice our team is here to assist you.

Font styles, colors, positions and other details can be changed upon author’s request.

– A banner to match your cover can be created for you also for the low price of $5.00.

-Purchase two or more covers and get your banner for free!

If interested in a cover please email us inlove_withlove14@yahoo.com.

Please put Book Cover as the subject. In the body of the email let us know whether you’d like a premade cover (be sure to include the number located in front of the cover of your choice.) Or if you’d like to choose another image from Canstock or whether or not you have already purchased your image.

After your cover is ready payment will be made via Paypal.🙂

|1|PremadeAUBURNGOLD101canstockphoto15591995 |2|premadebedplay1canstockphoto13759126

|3|Premadesweet1canstockphoto8308162 |4|Premadesweet1pinkcanstockphoto8308162

|8|PremadeRedbigstock-christmas-background-with-baub-10540919 |9|PremadeChestNeonPic
|12|PremadeblondstripedwitchGold|13|PremadeSexyLegs|14|Premadeseat canstockphoto16400225

~ $35.00 Covers~


Below images are not available but can be obtained.


More covers on our site: http://sweetsimplicityart.tumblr.com/
For more information or to order a cover, email: inlovewithloveromance@gmail.com


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